Tennis injury assessment

£30 per hour x 3 session minimum block.

How much does it cost?

Session 1 - Verbal and visual assessment (on court, please dress accordingly) of injury and suspected causes.


Session 2 - Written and visual feedback of the exact injury (diagnosed by physician or physiotherapist) or suspected area of injury as identified by Peter Richmond.  Provision of a specific rehabilitation, strength and conditioning program including coaching of the exercises or stretches.


Session 3 - Physical coaching in both tennis technique to prevent injury recurrence and alleviate existing pain and rehabilitation exercises.  Written feedback and assessment provided by email after final session.


NB.  Peter Richmond is not a physician and does not make medical diagnosis.  Although, Peter Richmond is able to make accurate diagnosis of some sports injuries and provide corrective coaching to aid the problem.  NO medical responsibility will be taken by Peter Richmond or NEETacademy.  Tennis injury assessments can be combined with a physiotherapist present during the session.  The prices above apply, plus the hourly rate of the NEETacademy preferred physiotherapist.

What can I expect from the sessions?

NEETacademy recommend Alisdair Jones for continued physiotherapy care at Colchester Physiotherapy and Sports Injury Clinic, Crouch Street Colchester.

Who is your preferred physiotherapist?

Have more questions?

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